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Uplift 2017 Program



The 2017 conference focused on the theme of community, sharing the narratives of our unique landscapes and resilient communities, and using storytelling as our greatest tool for resistance. In a dire time of climate injustice, young people have the power to shift the conversation and redefine our movement!


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“Changing Landscapes, Changing Times”

What is changing on the Colorado Plateau? How are these issues connected? Panelists who are actively working on climate justice in their home communities will explore the inherent intersectional relationship between climate change issues in our region.

Panelists: Nadine Narindrankura, Kendra Pinto, Bill Anderegg, Yolanda Badback


“Weaving Narratives of Resilience”

This conversation will explore the power of storytelling to convey a strong message about the impacts of climate change on a given community or group of people and the necessity for more voices to join the climate justice movement. Participants will be exposed to the tools for effective storytelling and compelling narratives, as well as a critical analysis of whose stories are told.

Panelists: Jacqueline Keeler, Klee Benally, Brooke Larsen


“Regenerating Systems for Climate Justice”

How do we transition away from fossil fuels while meeting the economic needs of our communities? This panel will explore climate justice solutions rooted in the Colorado Plateau through a systemic lens.

Panelists: Carol Davis, Julia Bernal, Roberto Nutlouis

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