Frequently asked questions:



A: We're primarily looking for 18-30ish year olds in that crucial transition between school and a career, who need better ways to channel their energy, but we welcome the young-at-heart, too! If you're concerned you're just WAY too old but would still like to be involved, shoot us an email :)

Q:Am I too young for Uplift?

A: If you're under 18, you need to bring a parent, guardian, teacher, or someone over 18 who's legally responsible for you. Sorry to harsh your mellow, but ya gotta do this for liability reasons. Thanks for understanding!

Q:What's up with this camping thing?

A: If we're talking about protecting the environment, we'd like to be out there actually experiencing The Nature. So, Uplift 2017 will be held at a group campground. If you need to borrow gear, ask us, since we can lend tents on a limited basis.