Take a look at the highlights from past Uplift conferences. Get the scoop on workshops, panels, speakers and more from our previous gatherings!

Uplift 2018

Cedro Peak Campground, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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uplift 2017

Lone Mesa Campground, Moab, UT

The 2017 conference focused on the theme of community, sharing the narratives of our unique landscapes and resilient communities, and using storytelling as our greatest tool for resistance. In a dire time of climate injustice, young people have the power to shift the conversation and redefine our movement!

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uplift 2016

Chris Park Campground, durango, CO

We gathered August 18-20, 2016 to craft and launch climate action and celebrate the diversity of the Colorado Plateau! View the highlights below.



  • If this Place Could Talk: State of the Colorado Plateau (Gregg Garfin, Janene Yazzie, Cari Kimball)

  • Keynote Speaker: Jihan Gearon

  • The Power of Story: Morgan Curtis

    • Breakout Session: Sharing Our Climate Stories

  • Interlude on Grief and Art (Laura Schmidt, Alisha Anderson)

  • Film Screening: "How to Let Go of the World"


  • Just Transition (Adrian Manygoats, Lauren Wood, Remy Franklin, Leona Morgan. Facilitated by Frankie Beesley)

  • Diversity in the Outdoors (Marshall Masayesva, Andres Esparza, Anthony "Chako" Ciocco, Aaron Mike, Miché Lozano)

  • Networking Fair

  • Workshops:

    • From Chaos to Community: Generation RYSE (Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth) (Earth Guardians: Daniel Jubelirer and Isabel Abadia)

    • Art as Advocacy (Alisha Anderson)

    • Entrepreneurial Solutions to Justice Issues (Adrian Manygoats)

    • Interfacing with Western Politics (Michal Rosenoer)

    • Creative Direct Action (Rebecca Sobel)

    • Peace and Reconciliation (Lyla June Johnston)

    • Grieving Climate Change (Laura Schmidt)


  • Think Local, Act Global: Creative Change (Morgan Curtis, Sarah Stock, Daniel Jubelirer, Alicia Tsosie, Maddie Rehn)

  • Regional Breakouts: Action Planning

  • Closing Speaker: Lyla June Johnston

The InaUgural Event

Uplift 2015 took place April 17-19 outside Flagstaff, Arizona. A group of young leaders gathered on the San Francisco Peaks to learn about activism on the Colorado Plateau—from guerilla gardening and storytelling to indigenous rights and direct action. Three days of workshops and discussions laid the groundwork community for future conferences.

The Advocate's Toolbox

Uplift 2015 connected young movers-and-shakers, teaching them necessary tools to be effective advocates in their home communities on the plateau. Featured workshops included:

  • Photography and conservation

  • Writing as activism

  • How to influence agency decisions

I now feel empowered with knowledge to carry forward and make actual change. It was so important to bring people together from diverse backgrounds so we can learn from each other...also, [I was] so inspired to see an event this effective organized by people my age!

—Uplift participant
Uplift just became the primary conference of sustainably focused minds on the Colorado Plateau. This is a networking tool, as much as its own community. I’m looking forward to seeing it develop.

—Uplift participant