Stay tuned for more info on the 2019 program!

This year’s conference will focus on reclaiming our narrative through action, community, and justice. Reclaiming our narrative means telling our own stories and centering narratives that honor deep histories of resistance and resilience. We will reframe our future for climate justice by creating alternative economies, systems, and networks of care to protect our communities in the face of systems of oppression. Join us as we explore these issues among stunning red rock cliffs.

The conference starts at 3 pm on Friday, September 13th and ends at 3 pm on Sunday, September 15th. Stay tuned for more information about speakers and workshops!


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Voices from the borderlands 

This panel brings together Indigenous and non- Indigenous voices from the US- Mexico borderlands who are doing critical work in resisting neo- colonial violence in the form of borders and who are caring and showing up for those who have been displaced by U.S. foreign policy.

Queering the climate movement

This panel brings light to the experiences of LGBTQIA and two-spirited communities who fight racism, sexism, and hate in their work for social and environmental justice.This panel explores how gender and sexuality intersect with climate violence, and how the systemic oppression that perpetuates abuse, neglect, trauma, discrimination and other obstacles against LGBTQIA communities must be addressed in order to achieve climate justice.

after capitalism: building regenerative economies

It’s no secret that we must drastically restructure our economies and transition away from extractive systems in order to mitigate the worst-case scenarios of climate change. But what are we transitioning to? This panel explores the concept of a “just transition,” and imagines a Colorado Plateau defined by decolonial, anti-capitalist, and resilient communities. Panelists will shift the narrative of what is politically possible and show how we can work together to build alternative, sustainable systems on the ground.


We are accepting applications for workshops until August 2!

Workshops should deepen participants' understanding of regional climate justice issues and avenues for systems change. Workshop facilitators are invited to share their story and work, facilitate challenging conversations, and equip Uplift participants with skills, knowledge, and resources to act for climate justice. Workshops should be inclusive and empowering. We prefer engaging, collaborative, and discussion-based workshops over lecture-style presentations. Apply now at!

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