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This year’s conference program focuses on resisting, protecting, and healing. How do we combat systems of oppression so that we can create a more equitable world? How do we protect sacred earth and communities? And finally, how do we come together to do meaningful healing work?

The conference starts at 3 pm on Friday, September 14th and ends at 3 pm on Sunday, September 16th. Learn more about our jam-packed conference program! 




Stories of Resistance from Greater Chaco

This panel is an opportunity to hear from community members who have been organizing on the ground to protect the Greater Chaco region. This discussion will provide a deeper understanding of the history and complexities of efforts to protect Greater Chaco and overlap of tribal, state, federal, organizational, and community-led efforts.  


Migrant Justice Amidst Climate Crisis

This panel brings together people actively resisting injustice related to borders and displacement, especially in the context of increasing climate chaos, to have a conversation about the ways that migrant justice and climate justice intersect and how to resist these systems of oppression to transition to a more just world.


Food Justice in the Southwest

Who controls what we eat, and where it comes from? Panelists will discuss their relationships with land and food, highlighting resistance to continued colonialism, big agriculture, and health inequity. We will explore the different ways in which food sovereignty and food justice intersect with climate change resistance and climate justice.


Beyond Extractive Economies

This panel will connect the stories of different forms of resource extraction in our region, and will explore the ways that energy extraction harms us locally and regionally. What are strategies to transition beyond an extractive economy and visions for a just future in the Southwest? Panelists will share their work grappling with these big picture questions and moving towards a just transition.





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