Join the Uplift Climate Action Council.

We're looking for young people who are involved in their communities to come together with other activists on the Colorado Plateau. 

The Uplift Climate Action Council (UCAC) is a growing network of young leaders in the climate justice movement on the Colorado Plateau. UCAC brings together seasoned activists from diverse geographies, campaigns, and identities to build relationships and build the movement together. 

Interested in joining our council? Please fill out our interest form by clicking on the button below. 


  • Build Community and Connection

  • Support Local Organizing Efforts

  • Celebrate and Uplift Our Stories

  • Strategize for the Regional Youth Movement



Council members stay in touch regularly throughout the year and convene in person annually for a leadership retreat. For more information, email

UCAC is a separate initiative from the annual Uplift Climate Conference. UCAC aims to grow the relationships within the Uplift community beyond the weekend of the Uplift Climate Conference.