Climate change is an existential crisis, one that calls upon our generation to use every technique we know to adapt.

Our future rests upon re-imagining our relationships with our energy sources, cultures, waterways, and regional ecosystems on the Colorado Plateau.

We stoke the fire for this challenging work through creative storytelling, community, and action.

Our Story.

Uplift is a youth movement for climate action. Learn more.

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Uplift 2018.

sep 14-16. cedro peak campground.


Never heard of the colorado plateau?

You might live here. Chances are, you've visited. Picture redrock cliffs along the Colorado River, flaming aspens illuminating the mountains each fall, and old-growth Ponderosa pine forests. The Colorado Plateau encompasses about 130,000 square miles of the Southwest, roughly centered on the Four Corners. Much of this landscape is public land, whether protected as a National Park, or managed by the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, or tribal agencies. We love where we work!

We are motivated by a deep love of this place: the shadowy mesas, muddy washes, high mountains, clear streams, and all its inhabitants. The Colorado Plateau is home.